Why Buy Pre-owned Clothing?

The market for pre-loved clothing is booming.  A lot of people are seeing the value in buying pre-owned clothes, but some are still hesitant to jump in.  Well, here are a few good reasons to buy pre-owned clothing.

  1. The most obvious reason is that you can save plenty of money.  For the price you might pay for one blouse at a high-end department store, you could walk away with five items.  In most cases, pre-owned clothing is drastically cheaper than buying brand new off the rack. Which brings me to my next point......
  2. A lot of available pre-owned clothing is like new or is new.  If you see an item on a site with the letters NWT, that means it's new with tags.  Although the item was previously owned, it probably was never or barely worn.  And the discounts can be deep.  If it isn't new, sometimes you might see EUC.  That means excellent used condition.  These items usually have very little wear and are almost new.
  3. You can finally afford that designer purse that you wanted without the guilt of spending too much.  There is a world of designer clothing, purses, shoes, and accessories that you can get at huge discounts. You can splurge and stay on budget at the same time.  Imagine that.
  4. When buying pre-owned clothes you can afford to take fashion risks.  You might not want to spend $100 on a blouse you may or may not like, but the risk is mitigated when the blouse is $10.  This opens up a whole new world of fashion you may have been too timid to try or that your budget didn't allow.  
  5. Another argument for buying pre-owned clothing is that it can be good for the environment.  Many people feel that purchasing second hand clothing is a more sustainable way to address their clothing needs. They feel better knowing that they are reusing clothing rather than creating demand to make more.
Buying pre-owned is a personal decision and may not be for everyone.  But there are some good arguments for trying it.